Monday, April 20, 2015

C4K Summary for April

Sean J's Blog: C4K#8 

     Sean's post about Johnah, is very interesting. He talks about God helping Johnah in his time of need. When you are in need of help or support it's really comforting knowing that there are people out there that are willing to help you along that way. I really enjoyed reading Sean's blog.

Faith's Blog: C4K#9

    Faith is a student in Mr. Gardner's 5th grade class at Holly Elementary. I chose to read and comment on Faith's, This is Me, post. It doesn't give any instruction as to what their assignment was, but I am guessing it was to tell a little about themselves. Faith writes on her blog and tells us that she likes to read and do math while listening to music and she also likes to sing and dance with her friends.

basketball player clip art Kalonji's Blog: C4K#10

    Kalonji is a student in Ms. Thomas' Class at John Hanson French Immersion School. I read Kalonji's blog on his Making a Mark on the World . He wrote that he wants to be a professional basketball player and host basketball camps sponsored by himself and he also told us that with the money that he raises he would give it to charity. This is a great goal for young children having this excited to help others that are in need.

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