Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog Post #14

Teaching Can Be a Profession By: Joel Klein

Teacher quote    For this blog post we were to read the article Teaching our children can be a profession, by Mr. Klein. As I was reading this article I found a couple of problems that bothered me with the way that people view teaching and teachers in general. The first problem that stood out was that anyone with a college degree can become a teacher. This was a very hard thing for me to accept when I decided I wanted to become a teacher. I always knew it was my passion to work with children but I also knew that the pay was not very good. I honestly don't think just anyone should be given a degree unless they have a true passion. I people don't just want to teach for the money, they should want to teach because they have a love for children.

   The second problem that I came across in this article was Seniority Distraction. "Job Security and seniority dictate the way our schools operate". This could not be a more true statement. Some teachers all they care about is working hard to get their tenure and then from there, they're in for the long run and don't care. On the other hand it's also frustrating knowing that teachers that are just coming out of college are getting paid the same exact salary as those who have been there for many years. I think if your teaching is effective and you are going beyond what you are asked to do for your students, then you should get paid more than someone that is just starting out.

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