Wednesday, March 25, 2015

C4K Summary for March

C4K#5:   Chasity.

   As I was reading Chasity's Blog, "Threats on Social Media Shouldn't be Tolerated", she made some really great points. She said that she believed that freedom on speech is taken too freely especially on social media. I agree with her everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, but bullying should not be tolerated on or off social media. If you are old enough to have a social media account, you are old enough to know what to and what not to say to people.

Black History Month Photo ChallengeC4K#6:   Alfonso.

   Alfonso is a student at Joliet West High School in Mrs. Maslowski's Class. The most current blog post that I read on Alfonso's blog was his Black History Month Photo Challenge, his class was to pick one of the challenges from the list and write a 100-200 word reflection on the picture. Alfonso picked #15 Favorite African American Entertainer and he chose Kevin Hart. He write about his success as an entertainer, actor and comedian. I never knew that Kevin Hart did so many things in his career.

C4K#7:   Blaine F. 

   Blaine is a 7th grade student in Mrs. Lombard's English class. I chose to read his post about Frenchies, because french bulldogs happen to be my favorite breed of dog. He explains a few characteristics about french bulldogs that I never knew, such as; that they were bred with pugs and terriers. I think it's great that he took the time to research such a cute and unique animal. 

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