Thursday, February 26, 2015

C4K Summary for February

Ben's Blog

C4K#1:   I had the pleasure of reading Ben's Blog about Nebraska's state senator, Mrs. Crawford, visiting their school. Ben shared with us, that he and his classmates concluded that being a state senator is a lot of work. Getting to meet the state senator of Nebraska was very inspiring to Ben's class because she is such big named figure for their state, but soon learned she is just like any of them when it comes to her life outside of being a state senator. He and his classmates also learned from Mrs. Crawford which laws actually made Nebraska its own unique state.
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Brenna's Blog

C4K#2:   Brenna's blog post, She Doesn't Need A Glass Slipper, was very interesting to me. I loved how she first told the original story of Cinderella and then went in to telling a different version. The second version was Cinderella standing up to her step mother and two step sisters, instead of, them picking on her and her just sitting back and taking it. Brenna's version of Cinderella should be the one told to young kids instead of the traditional one.

Bridget's Blog

C4K#3:   I was very impressed when reading Bridget's Blog; DC in December. It was about her and her family traveling to DC to visit some family members. I'm guessing there assignment to create a rhyming poem about a specific event. Bridget did an excellent job on structuring her poem and making the last word of every sentence rhyme.

Alexis' Blog

C4K#4:   This week I was required to read a high school students blog named Alexis. I choose to read her blog post, Valentine's Day. It was very interesting that she took the time to research what Valentine's day is really about. Most people don't know the real reason behind it and that it was named after a guy name Saint Valentine, who wrote a letter to his daughter right before he killed himself and signed the letter, "Your Valentine".

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