Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blog Post #6

For blog post #6 we were given 6 different videos of interviews from a former South student named Anthony Capps. Anthony is now a 3rd grade teacher at Gulf Shores Elementary. In his interviews, Anthony gives very constructive information for future educators. I found all of his videos to be useful and informative, but the most useful to me were: ICurio, Discovery Education, and Anthony-Strange Tips for Teaching Part 1.

illustration of education object in wisdom treeICurio: ICurio is an online tool to allow students to safely search the internet to find useful information. I have never heard of ICurio before watching Anthony's videos. I think that this search engine is not only helpful for teachers but it also ensures parents that their kids are learning how to safely use the internet.

Discovery Education: "A picture is worth a thousand words"; Discovery Education is another useful online tool to help with listening-learning. Some students need visuals to help grasp certain concepts and material. This website lets you find pictures, videos, and audios about any particular subject or keywords. Anthony uses the example: If his students are learning about plants and they want to know what kind of plants kill things, they can type in "what kinds of plants kill things?" in to the search bar and it will give you all kinds of different visuals to teach them about different the plants.

Anthony-Strange Tips for Teaching: Dr. Strange and Anthony construct a list of tips that all new educators should take into consideration. I think the list that they create is a great start to any and all future educators. Here are the important things that they think we should prepare for as future teachers:
  1. You really need to be interested in learning yourself. If you are not a learner then you will not be a successful educator. 
  2. Teaching is hard work, but let your work become a fun and fascinating experience for you! 
  3. Teachers should be flexible and creative.
  4. Have your students engaged. 
  5. Reflect on what your students do. 

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  1. Alison,
    Great post! You did a very thorough job of covering all the topics that Mr. Capps and Dr. Strange spoke about. My favorite aspect of your post is your introduction, it was very informative and helped your post to be easy for a person outside of EDM310 to comprehend.