Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blog Post #1

As I was sitting at the computer, registering for classes, I hesitated on signing up for EDM 310. I have heard many terrifying rumors and comments about this class that made me question when I wanted to take this course. I've heard things along the lines of "EDM310 is one of the worst classes I have ever taken, the course load is unrealistic for the amount of time you have to do it. He just gives you the assignment with no instruction at all, and if you ask him for help, he will either tell you to figure it out on your own, or tell you to go to the 'Lab assistants' which goof off and don't help at all" but then again I have heard some very encouraging comments about it as well such as "I loved this class. Its a very independent class, you do everything on your own but it really gets you prepared for being a future teacher!". Comments like these are always reassuring and help when you think you are going to go insane just thinking about all the work you are going to have to be doing.
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I have only taken one other education class that would be comparable to EDM and that was EDU 301 with Dr. Vitulli. Dr. Vitulli's class and EDM to me are totally different. EDU 301 was an art education class, which most of the material taught in that class was stuff we learned in elementary school. We had projects that we had to complete by deadlines, but she was very lenient if you were not finished at the desired deadline.

When it comes to school work, which I know sounds so bad, I am not organized at ALL! Each semester, going into my classes, I tell myself over and over that I hope to get more organized with my school work. One of my biggest fears going into this class is being able to set aside the required 9 hours a week on the work that needs to be done. I can also be very forgetful and am afraid I will forget that something is due and my work will be turned in late. As for those fears, I will most likely have the hardest time with the time management part and setting aside the appropriate time to finish my projects. I think the best way for me to manage my time and get the projects done on time is for me to schedule certain days and times that I am going to work on each project.

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